Great War Heroes

Chaplains brought solace to their fellow soldiers on the battlefields of WW1. Many chaplains were decorated for bravery, often for retrieving wounded men from no man's land and certain death. 179 Reverends of the Royal Army Chaplains Department lost their lives in the war.

Edward Noel Mellish was a Chaplain in the British Army during the Great War. He served as Reverend, attached to the 4th Battalion of the Royal Fusiliers. For his selfless courage during the Actions of St. Eloi Craters from March 27th-29th, 1916, he was awarded the Victoria Cross. The award is the highest and most prestigious honor in the British system.

His citation for the award reads:

"For most conspicuous bravery. During heavy fighting on three consecutive days, he repeatedly went backwards and forwards, under continuous and heavy shell and machine-gun fire, between our original trenches and those captured from the enemy in order to tend and rescue wounded men. He brought in ten badly wounded men on the first day from ground swept by machine-gun fire, and three were actually killed while he was dressing their wounds.

The battalion to which he was attached was relieved on the second day, but he went back and brought in twelve more wounded men.

On the night of the third day, he took charge of a party of volunteers and once more returned to the trenches to rescue the remaining wounded. This splendid work was quite voluntary on his part and outside the scope of his ordinary duties."

In the Toy Soldiers: Little Wars table game, Chaplains are a Hero unit. Heroes add bonuses to other units on the battlefield within a specific range. For example, chaplains provide "Divine Protection," a +1 added to Evasion rolls.